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Clink & Klank Character Bio

What’s a skeleton to do when it’s down on its luck? The job market is a tough place for a poor skeleton, even an over qualified one. People just don’t want to hire someone with no life, plus they’re scared by the sight of bones and find chattering teeth without lips hard to understand.

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 Designers Notes

Skeletoon was one of my first public releases, and was released very early on in my paper-toy career. This model holds a very special place in my heart as it represents a time in which I started to figure out what I considered to be a “good” toy.  Skeletoon was released closely before or after (hard to remember) Clink and Klank, one of my most classic models.

The model has been through several re-releases and re-designs each time being cleaned up and updated to match my standard of work at the time. The biggest change from the original release is the sign held by the skeleton, which originally had an ugly font and was extremely bland.

The model first saw release through the online magazine IILove.

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